Thursday, October 16, 2008


This is a video dedicated to the horses, who have dedicated their lives to their owners and doing the best they could. They give unconditional love, dedication, loyality and affection. Some American's treat their horses the very same way, with unconditional love. But there is other American's and industry that treat them as a commodity and for greed. This video depicts horses who have been abused, sent of to slaughter because they weren't fast enough in a race, because they didn't do good enough in an event, or just down right miss treated for being them. This video will show you how cruel people can really be, and it will show you why horse slaughter should be stopped, FOR GOOD!! It has graphic content, but the song really catches the moment of the pictures. Horses in industry, such as PMU Mares and Foals, Rodeo horses, dude ranch horses, racehorses, and the list goes on, is all subject to abuse and horse slaughter. Don't be fooled by industries saying that they care for their horses and treat them right, because in reality, they do the total opposite of that. Here's proof of that, Please view my blog listed in the September Blog on this website called "CONGRESS-TAKE NOTE OF THESE ILLEGAL ACTIONS! HORSE SLAUGHTER BILL H.R.6598 IS UP FOR REVOTE TODAY!"

PLEASE VIEW THE VIDEO BELOW, and help in the fight to stop Horse Slaughter and Abuse of any kind. Thank you for your support and viewing and God Bless you.............

Are you doing all you can to make this world a better place to live in?

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