Friday, October 31, 2008


Rescuers give Arabian bay gelding apt name - 'Trooper'

By Nina Mehlhaf, KTVZ.COM

A beautiful, young, Arabian gelding that was shot in the head and left to die in the forest is recovering wonderfully, while Forest Service officers and Deschutes County sheriff's deputies try to find who did this to him.

The horse has been named "Trooper" and is in the care of veterinarians in Tumalo who say they can't believe someone would resort to this.

"He's got a great appetite. Here Troop, come get some food," Dr. Wayne Schmotzer said Monday.

Schmotzer has seen many rescued horses, but Trooper, at Bend Equine Medical Center for only three days, already has a special place in his heart.

"It's an emotional event for everyone here," Schmotzer said. "That's why we're here, and that's why we rally around him."

Trooper, thought to be about five years old, was found Friday by hunters on Cache Mountain in the Sisters Ranger District of the Deschutes National Forest.

"He came willingly, and he was very calm," Schmotzer said. "He was an excellent little horse."

With his harness and lead line still on, Trooper's face was covered in blood, and an old wound on his leg was literally rotting his flesh off. He was 150 pounds underweight and had lost half of his blood.

"As we were cleaning him up, we saw a spot on the side of this temple and thought, 'Boy, this couldn't be a gunshot wound, could it?'" the vet said.

That's exactly what it was. In the X-rays, you can see bullet fragments that shattered his eye, but missed his brain. But the wound was almost healed, meaning Trooper had been shot over a week ago.

"If you were making a guess, they thought they were shooting the horse in the head, and they missed the parts they were after," Schmotzer said.

Joan Steelhammer of Equine Outreach, an organization that rescues horses in need, says because of the high cost of euthanization and the closure of the Redmond rendering plant, a few horse owners are taking death into their own hands - and most often, can't even get the bullet placement right.

"I have over 100 horses, and they're not just awful horses," Steelhammer said. "It's just, people are up against it. They're losing their homes, hay prices are high and things are happening, and it's a sad thing."

"Every horse comes with a person's story behind it."

Both Steelhammer and Dr. Schmotzer believe rumors and reports running through the horse world ultimately will flush the suspect out.

Meanwhile, eating gingerly with his jaw fracture, Trooper has certainly lived up to his name.

"If we can get the infection cleaned up in his head and once his eye is removed and his wounds are healed, he could potentially be as 100 percent as a one-eyed horse can be," Schmotzer said. "He should be happy."

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch outside of Bend already has adopted Trooper. The ranch pairs up formally abused horses with abused or neglected children as a form of healing.

This problem has gotten so big that Wednesday night, Equine Outreach is helping to put on a conference to address the issue of getting rid of a horse the humane way.

When he was found, the very hungry and thirsty Arabian bay (dark brown) gelding (de-sexed male) was "very thirsty and hungry," Forest Service spokeswoman Sue Olson said over the weekend.

"The horse appears to have been well cared for in the past," said Forest Service law enforcement officer Fred Perl.

Trooper has a white star on his forehead, a short white sock on his left rear leg and a white ankle sock on his right rear leg.

The Forest Service and Deschutes County Sheriff's Office are jointly investigating the case. Forest Service law enforcement officers ask anyone with information about the horse, or to help locate its owner, to contact them through the sheriff's office dispatch number, (541) 693-6911.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hello to everyone who reads and visits my blog. I'm emailing this to the
blog viewers out there and asking for your help. I entered my daughter
in a contest online. If she gets the most votes by the end of the month,
even if it's the following month (November), she will win $2,500.00.

I asked her what she wanted to do with the money, with her only being close
to 3 years old, she told me she wanted to give it to the horsey's (Horsey's
spelled as she put it). Every night we kneel down to pray that God will
intervien and save the horses from slaughter, along with praying for our
family and friends. She's only 3 years old, but she has a heart of gold.

So my daughter Halina and I are asking if you can copy/paste the URL below and please vote for her picture. It only takes a few minutes and you don't have to join anything, it's free to vote. Just click off the screens that ask you if you want to join. If you could also be so kind as to copy her URL below and send it to all of your family and friends and encourage them to do the same, we would be so greatful.

We may not have had our day in the House of Representatives in winning
the fight with stopping horse slaughter this year, but we can raise the money to save as many as we can. I just want to thank each and every one of you in advance for taking the time out to vote for my daughter. And with God's blessing, she will win and the money can go towards saving a few more of God's beautiful creations. I hope everyone has a pleasant evening.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008


This is a video dedicated to the horses, who have dedicated their lives to their owners and doing the best they could. They give unconditional love, dedication, loyality and affection. Some American's treat their horses the very same way, with unconditional love. But there is other American's and industry that treat them as a commodity and for greed. This video depicts horses who have been abused, sent of to slaughter because they weren't fast enough in a race, because they didn't do good enough in an event, or just down right miss treated for being them. This video will show you how cruel people can really be, and it will show you why horse slaughter should be stopped, FOR GOOD!! It has graphic content, but the song really catches the moment of the pictures. Horses in industry, such as PMU Mares and Foals, Rodeo horses, dude ranch horses, racehorses, and the list goes on, is all subject to abuse and horse slaughter. Don't be fooled by industries saying that they care for their horses and treat them right, because in reality, they do the total opposite of that. Here's proof of that, Please view my blog listed in the September Blog on this website called "CONGRESS-TAKE NOTE OF THESE ILLEGAL ACTIONS! HORSE SLAUGHTER BILL H.R.6598 IS UP FOR REVOTE TODAY!"

PLEASE VIEW THE VIDEO BELOW, and help in the fight to stop Horse Slaughter and Abuse of any kind. Thank you for your support and viewing and God Bless you.............

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hello Copper is an extremely sweet and gentle gelding who was rescued from slaughter in Utah by Shiloh Horse Rescue. Copper was brought into the auction by his owner who runs the Red Rock Riding Stables in Las Vegas. Copper, and 6 other horse he brought in, were Dude String horses. They could no longer be ridden for hours at a time, so they were brought to the auction. Copper is called "Hello Copper", because his previous owner, as he lead him to the slaughter pen, said with no emotion, "Goodbye Copper" and walked away leaving the old horse to his fate. After 10 years working for this man, this is what he did, dumped Copper at a slaughter auction. Shiloh Horse Rescue outbid the Killer buyer for Copper.

Shiloh adopted out "Hello Copper" to a good home......
Sad news as "Hello Copper" was peacefully euthanised in his adoptive home. He was a beloved member of his family and is badly missed. His arthritis, age, and former life of very hard work on the dude string ranch, had caught up with him and it was decided that he was ready to go to Greener Pastures. His adopted family expressed their love for him by saying that "he was the best first horse they could have ever had and that they learned so much from him." Hello Copper was very spoiled, cared for, and loved for the last 10 months of his life, what else could we, or he, ask for? Rest In Peace and Goodbye, our friend, Copper.

The RED ROCK RIDING STABLES in Las Vegas obviously cares nothing about their horses and their horses are nothing but a commodity to them. Something to make them money. It's a shame that this horse endured a hard life to only find himself at a slaughter house auction by the hands of his owner, (Red Rock Riding Stables). If it were me, I wouldn't give this guy any of my business. We should all take a stand and report this guy and his cold hearted treatment he gives his horses, what do you think?

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Friday, October 3, 2008


There is a person out there that is on that goes by the username of Chestaar, this person makes very bogus statements and lies about horse slaughter. I just want to set the record straight to all the people out there that don't know what to think about horse slaughter. People who are falling victims to these other people who try to deceive others, trying to make others believe that horse slaughter is a necessary evil.

To anyone out there reading these comments made by "Chestaar", please don't believe him. For all we know, he could be working for the slaughter house industries to make sure this bill does not come to pass. Not one of his statements are backed up by facts, and most of the things he is saying simply isn't true. Horses are not slaughtered the same way as cows, chickens and pigs because of the horses long necks, their heads can't be restrained to make sure an effective hit to the head is accurate. So that means they are repeatedly stabbed and or shot with a gun to the head a number of times until rendered dead or unconscience. But most of the time, the horse is totally awake while his/her throat is being slit. Don't fall for "Chestaar's" statements. Please take the time to do your research and find out all the facts about horse slaughter as I did. You will see that MANY if not all of his statements are not true. I'm not a Bible thumper, but I know that God didn't intend for his horses to be slaughtered and tortured the way they are in slaughter. And he certainly didn't intend for us to eat horses. There are disturbed minded people out there in the world like "Chestaar", and those people would like you to think that killing a animal inhumanely is the right thing to do, because they think about nothing but the money. Read his comment, this is his words exactly, "horses are also "commodities" - produced for a specific money-making purpose."

Now, you tell me, is this a statement that sounds like this person loves horses, or does he love what horses can earn him in his pocketbook? Don't fall for people's false statistics like "Chestaar". He obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. And if he knew what he was talking about, he would know that the MAJORITY of American's do not support horse slaughter, and they support this bill H.R.6598, so please support this bill like so many of us American's do. People like "Chestaar" are people who don't want this bill to pass for their own selfish reasons, he speaks as if he is on the horse slaughter industries side. Hopefully "Chestaar" is not being paid off by the horse slaughter industry. How do you explain PMU mares and their foals going to slaughter? Mr. Chestaar!! When they are breeding Mares for their foals to be sent to slaughter for the money, since Premarin (the menopause drug) is no longer in high demand like it used to be. Then the PMU Mares are kept up in weight so when they can no longer be bred they go to slaughter also. There needs to be a law that regulates the production of horses. Irresponsible breeders are getting away with murder, literally! They breed a Mare so many times it is sickening. I believe they should regulate how many times one Mare can be bred and make it at a certain time frame in between births. For example, they should set a law that each Mare can only give birth to 4 foals, and she can only be pregnant once every two years. If we started regulating the breeding of horses, I think we will solve the problem with the over breeding of horses. There is a solution to the problem, but horse slaughter is not the solution and never will be. Horse slaughter is only a solution to the greedy, money grubbing hands of the Horse Slaughter industry. When foals are being brought to auctions with the umbilical cords still attached to their bodies and being sent right to slaughter, there is a problem with this Country and it's moral. I'm sure "Chestaar" will say that nothing like this happens, but what he won't tell you is that it does happen, but it is hidden from the public because more people will be outraged at slaughter. Please don't believe a word "Chestaar" says, and form your own opinion. There are 100's of racehorses every week going to slaughter that people don't know about because the race horse industry keeps it under raps, believe me, I know this to be true because I helped save a race horse and we had to give him a different name because the race track told us that we had to so the horse couldn't be tracked by his registered name. There are so many hidden truths to horses and the slaughter house industry, please vote yes to putting an end to horse slaughter, PLEASE!!

Horse slaughter is not a necessary evil and it never will be. Please increase the pressure on Congress (House of Representatives) to vote on bill H.R.6598 before the end of session. Every 5 minutes 100's of Horses are being slaughtered, we need to stop it now!

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