Friday, October 3, 2008


There is a person out there that is on that goes by the username of Chestaar, this person makes very bogus statements and lies about horse slaughter. I just want to set the record straight to all the people out there that don't know what to think about horse slaughter. People who are falling victims to these other people who try to deceive others, trying to make others believe that horse slaughter is a necessary evil.

To anyone out there reading these comments made by "Chestaar", please don't believe him. For all we know, he could be working for the slaughter house industries to make sure this bill does not come to pass. Not one of his statements are backed up by facts, and most of the things he is saying simply isn't true. Horses are not slaughtered the same way as cows, chickens and pigs because of the horses long necks, their heads can't be restrained to make sure an effective hit to the head is accurate. So that means they are repeatedly stabbed and or shot with a gun to the head a number of times until rendered dead or unconscience. But most of the time, the horse is totally awake while his/her throat is being slit. Don't fall for "Chestaar's" statements. Please take the time to do your research and find out all the facts about horse slaughter as I did. You will see that MANY if not all of his statements are not true. I'm not a Bible thumper, but I know that God didn't intend for his horses to be slaughtered and tortured the way they are in slaughter. And he certainly didn't intend for us to eat horses. There are disturbed minded people out there in the world like "Chestaar", and those people would like you to think that killing a animal inhumanely is the right thing to do, because they think about nothing but the money. Read his comment, this is his words exactly, "horses are also "commodities" - produced for a specific money-making purpose."

Now, you tell me, is this a statement that sounds like this person loves horses, or does he love what horses can earn him in his pocketbook? Don't fall for people's false statistics like "Chestaar". He obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. And if he knew what he was talking about, he would know that the MAJORITY of American's do not support horse slaughter, and they support this bill H.R.6598, so please support this bill like so many of us American's do. People like "Chestaar" are people who don't want this bill to pass for their own selfish reasons, he speaks as if he is on the horse slaughter industries side. Hopefully "Chestaar" is not being paid off by the horse slaughter industry. How do you explain PMU mares and their foals going to slaughter? Mr. Chestaar!! When they are breeding Mares for their foals to be sent to slaughter for the money, since Premarin (the menopause drug) is no longer in high demand like it used to be. Then the PMU Mares are kept up in weight so when they can no longer be bred they go to slaughter also. There needs to be a law that regulates the production of horses. Irresponsible breeders are getting away with murder, literally! They breed a Mare so many times it is sickening. I believe they should regulate how many times one Mare can be bred and make it at a certain time frame in between births. For example, they should set a law that each Mare can only give birth to 4 foals, and she can only be pregnant once every two years. If we started regulating the breeding of horses, I think we will solve the problem with the over breeding of horses. There is a solution to the problem, but horse slaughter is not the solution and never will be. Horse slaughter is only a solution to the greedy, money grubbing hands of the Horse Slaughter industry. When foals are being brought to auctions with the umbilical cords still attached to their bodies and being sent right to slaughter, there is a problem with this Country and it's moral. I'm sure "Chestaar" will say that nothing like this happens, but what he won't tell you is that it does happen, but it is hidden from the public because more people will be outraged at slaughter. Please don't believe a word "Chestaar" says, and form your own opinion. There are 100's of racehorses every week going to slaughter that people don't know about because the race horse industry keeps it under raps, believe me, I know this to be true because I helped save a race horse and we had to give him a different name because the race track told us that we had to so the horse couldn't be tracked by his registered name. There are so many hidden truths to horses and the slaughter house industry, please vote yes to putting an end to horse slaughter, PLEASE!!

Horse slaughter is not a necessary evil and it never will be. Please increase the pressure on Congress (House of Representatives) to vote on bill H.R.6598 before the end of session. Every 5 minutes 100's of Horses are being slaughtered, we need to stop it now!

Are you doing all you can to make this world a better place to live in?


Anonymous said...

Are you sure the address is When you click there, it says the domain was recently purchased and has a form to contact the new owner.

It's futile trying to reason with illogical people. They claim the kill houses have to be reopened because horses are starving but can't answer why they think it will stop neglect when they can send their horses to slaughter now? If they’re not sending them now, why would reopening the kill houses change that? They claim there are all theses abandoned horses but can't tell you where. Every time you present a fact, they disappear or change the subject. It is because they have no facts to back their comments. Just more of the same rhetoric and scare tactics.

Luv4Horses (Lisa) said...

Hi Vicki,

I'm sorry about the inaccurate URL of opencrongress. It should be, instead of .com
You are absolutely right about the horse slaughter supporters being wrong about what they say are facts, because they can't back up anything they say. I'm surprised that there are American's out there that actually fall into their trap and believe them without doing their homework first. Thank you for your comment, hopefully it will help enlighten someone's opinion out there that doesn't know what to think about the issue. I will correct the URL on my blog, thank you for pointing that out to me.

NHN said...

Thank you for posting this. With the economy issues and the election I am not sure if we will get this bill passed. I know I will never give up. It seems to me that most of the pro slaughter folks are simply breeders that want to continue. If I have to hear one more time that it is a necessary evil I think I will cry.


Luv4Horses (Lisa) said...

Colleen: thank you for your comment. I appreciate you taking the time in voicing how you feel. These are the kinds of things that others will read and look at when they visit blogs like mine and others. We need to educate people out there as often as we can. There are many horse supporters out there like you and I, we can NEVER give up. Even though they say that the House of Reps will not vote on this bill for this session, I keep praying that God will prevail and make it happen. Having faith in God is what's going to make horse slaughter come to an end. And also people like us spreading the word. Keep up the great work, and that goes to vicki also, who posted a comment on my blog.

angela said...

Being in the fight, I hear constantly regarding why its a neccessary thing, and the issues the Vicki said say it all... rumors, only rumors. There has been NO public records of people dumping horse, and there has been NO increase of abuse relating to the slaughter plants closing... its all a hype put on by those that want a market for their irresponsible breeding.

Its sad really that they consider US the emotional side of the issue, but yet we post facts and they post rumors... go figure.