Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The Rodeo Mafia will tell you that they treat all of their animals in the Rodeo humanely, but it's anything but humane. They will say that the horses they use are wild, but they are anything but wild, they are terrorized into not wanting to cooperate with these sad excuses for humans. In the following video, you will see scenes of many horses being tortured and their ears bitten by these guys to get them to cooperate. So indeed they are not wild, the only wild part of Rodeo are the men and people involved in Rodeo. Please help put a stop to Rodeo, let our voices be heard! We are going to have a victory today with the end of horse slaughter, lets keep up the fight in putting a stop to Rodeo. Rodeo is America's Shame and we shouldn't allow it to happen any further. Rodeo also abuses calves, steer as well as horses. Please watch this video and don't turn a blind eye. These animals were not intended to be used for this purpose we call Rodeo.

Please visit these 3 websites to learn more about this horrifying Rodeo Industry:

Are you doing all you can to make this world a better place to live in?

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