Monday, September 29, 2008


Below, you will find a video of horse abuse and recovery. This recovery was all made possible by an organization called Habitat For Horses. They do so much in rescuing neglected and abused horses. They help them recover, bring them back to health and adopt them into good and loving homes. Please help them continue to do this great act of kindness and donate to their organization. The one thing some members of congress are saying is that there isn't enough care out there for all the horses, and they are using this reason to say that horse slaughter should exist. This simply isn't true, the majority of us are American's who care, and we will come together in making sure all our horses have the best care America has to offer. So please send a message to those in Congress who feel that there are unwanted horses out there. Tell them that you care deeply about the passage of the bill H.R.6598, and that it needs to become law. Although this video is graphic, there is a happy ending for this horse. With your donations, there can be so many more happy endings for so many more horses. Please view the following video, and may God always be in your heart and encourage you to always do an act of kindness.

Are you doing all you can to make this world a better place to live in?

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