Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Missing Grand Prix Jumper - GOOD GUINESS!!!

Here is the story:

On Sept 8th 2008, Patrick Seaton, using Ali as his agent and go-between, sent his grand prix mount Good Guinness to Frank Madden to sell. Frank had seen all the footage, and agreed to take the horse 'on the cuff' to sell. Patrick decided to send him after winning three CA prixs in '08, and he beleived he could sell Good Guinness on the East Coast for a good price as a high jr/ao horse. Ali assured him and encouraged him.....So in good faith he loaded his horse on Earl Jaque's van and he headed to NY. Mixed reviews followed, dissapointing offers, and the fact the horse was being shown in the childrens jumpers was a bit discouraging, but still Patrick trusted the horse was in good hands...Last week Patrick visited WEF to try horses and made a visit to Frank's barn to discuss sending Good Guinness back to CA. Patrick asked the grooms where Guinness was and they directed Patrick to his stall. THE HORSE BEING SHOWN AS GOOD GUINNESS, IS NOT HIM!

If you have seen this horse, or have any leads, please call Patrick: (415) 797-0186

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