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JAGUAR HOPE - RIP - 4/15/98 TO 3/18/09


I wanted to post this in honor of a friend of mine Wendy Uzelac, who had to euthanize her best friend and companion "Jaguar Hope", who was injured in his paddock do to an accident. Wendy is morning a loss of a true friend today, and I hope this post will bring a smile to her face, as she has so many fond memories of a horse that gave her everything and asked for nothing in return. The love they shared is unmeasureable and you can see it in the photo above. This is for you Wendy and in rememberance of Jaguar Hope. Here is Jaguar Hope's story, by Wendy Uzelac.

This is a race in 2005 where my horse Jaguar Hope makes a great move on the inside to win his race.

Jaguar Hopes First Lesson 1 Year out of Horse Racing

Jaguar Hope an 11 yr old retired thoroughbred race horse beginning to learn the fine points of dressage.

Turkoman out of Enduring Hope. He retired from racing on August 7th, 2007 on a good note. This is Wendy's first ride on him since he came off the track.

Wendy's too sexy horse, Jaguar Hope. A 9 yr old Thoroughbred gelding by Turkoman out of Enduring Hope.

This is a story Wendy wrote about how her and Jag first met and became companions. It's inspiring for all to read. Jaguar will be forever in Wendy's heart and in all of his fans as well. I'm definitely one of his fans! Please read her story below and view the slideshow of this beautiful and classy horse "Jaguar Hope" may God be with you now, for you will be terribly missed.

"JAGUAR HOPE'S STORY" by Wendy Uzelac (Owner of Jag)
I acquired Jag a few months after I saw him race at Great Lakes Downs. He didn't run well but there was something about him that I just had to ask if the owner was ready to retire him from racing. I wrote a letter to his owner and got him a couple months later. He's a dream come true for me.

These are posts I made after I had seen Jag run in a race and sent a letter to his owner/trainer in 2007

7/30/07 I received some great news! I had written a trainer about one of his horses that he owns. I asked him to consider me when he retired his horse Jaguar Hope. He's a nine year old gelding (grandson of Alydar) that's still racing at Great Lakes Downs. The trainer was very happy to hear from me and called me right away. I had visited the horse since the first time I had seen him. He's absolutely stunning. I have another championship to work in a couple of weeks therefore the plan is for me to pick him in August. Here are a couple of photos I took of Jaguar Hope when I first fell in love with him:

And here is a photo slide show of his first day in turnout. He was very interested in the horses in the paddock next door. Copy/Paste the link below to view the slideshow.

8/20/07 - I've had Jag for a few weeks now and he's just awesome. He's adjusted well to his new surroundings although he seems to be a little bit studdish - calling out to the girls often. He seems most attracted to the very pretty Paso Fino in the paddock closest to him. He must like latino women :) Although he calls out to the girls, he's otherwise a complete gentleman to handle. Extremely friendly, a lovely nicker for food and treats and has the best ground manners of any horse i've ever been around.

I admit, I made a small mistake with his shoes. I had him go barefoot in back. this was a little too much for this race horses tendons and his back ankles swelled up something ugly. No heat, no pulse, just swelling. So back on went the shoes and amazingly, the swelling is just about gone in 24 hours! Race horses run with such low heels and long toes. it's really something. It'll take some time but my farrier and I will try to build up his heels as best we can and maybe we can get those back shoes off down the road. I'm not holding my breath though. My other ex racer can never go barefoot...

As soon as his tendons are back to normal with an extra day or two thrown in for good measure, I'll try him out in the arena. I can tell you already that he long reins and longe's quite nicely!

11/7/08 - It's funny to read this now as my Toby, my other ex racer has been barefoot in back all summer and Jag's feet haven't had issues although he's still been in shoes. I'm hopeful I can have him barefoot in back this winter. Walking in snow and ice will be much easier for him that way. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

2/1/09 - now it's really funny because both Toby and Jag are completely barefoot this winter. both are doing well. Jag does stock up in his legs if he is kept in due to bad weather but he's not sore nor lame. He's really doing well and his hooves are stronger than when I first got him! So happy am I!

Here is Wendy's final message on Jaguar Hope:

I have some news to share that has shattered my very being tonight. Jaguar Hope had to be put down due to a horrific leg injury from a freak accident in his paddock. He dislocated his back left fetlock joint to where the cannon bone came through the front of the leg. It was horrific to see and no hope of saving him.

He was put down with me by his side and all my friends nearby. He was calm and proud right to the end as if giving the world his final "look of eagles". He was as amazing in his life as he was meeting his death. So very brave.

He gave me some of the best thrills of my life and he helped me fulfill so many of my dreams. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I will miss him. But I am so very grateful that he did enter my life and that I had what short time I did have with him.

I love you Jag...

Jaguar Hope
4/15/98 - 3/18/09

Here is a finaly video that Wendy made of Jag, may he rest in peace. Jag and Wendy were fortunate to have found each other. Wendy will say that Jag helped her live her dreams and was her one true love companion. In reality, Wendy was a blessing to Jaguar Hope as well, she gave him the love and freedom to be a horse. He was able to role in the snow and grass, he was able to run and play and just be a horse. He found true love and happiness with Wendy, and I'm sure that is a gift that any horse would ask for. You will see how happy he truly was in the following video:

Stories like this will show people how horses can make an incredible impact on our lives. Every horse has a story, and EVERY horse deserves a second chance at being something great. There is no such thing as a horse that is unwanted or useless, all they need is love, respect and kindness. Their love is always unconditional....

Are you doing all you can to make this world a better place to live in?


wendyu said...

Thank you Lisa for giving Jaguar Hope such a lovely tribute. It was beautiful...

Luv4Horses (Lisa) said...

It was the least I could do for you Wendy. Jag was an incredible horse with an amazing personality. He will live in all our hearts forever. I wish I could do more for you in taking away your pain you're feeling in your heart. I can't imagine losing such an awesome companion and friend. I know it's not the same, but I had a dog that was 18 years old that I had to put down, she was everything to me. Til this day, I still feel a part of me died with her and that was 12 years ago. So I can relate to what you're going through and I can sympathize. It's going to take a long time to heal, but I believe that God and Jaguar Hope will bring another companion in your life that will remind you of him in some ways. Nothing can ever replace him, but he will bring you another horse you can love and remember him by. I truly do believe that, just always keep your heart open to that possibility. God Bless you...