Wednesday, December 24, 2008


No breed is more proudly represented in the slaughter trucks rolling toward the abattoirs of Canada and Mexico than the Quarter Horse.
~ by: John Holland from the Roanoke Times, October 13, 2008

The AQHA is constantly whining about all the unwanted and abandoned horses. At the recent AQHA convention, Bill Brewer, the AQHA Executive VP made the following statement “…our challenge becomes looking at ways to introduce an “equine economic stimulus package” that will boost registration numbers so we don’t have a horse shortage in a few years.” Which is it, Mr. Brewer; too many horses or a shortage?

This is priceless. They produce over 130,000 foals each year. According to the USDA, the majority of horses going to slaughter are Quarter Horses. They warn Congress of the 100,000 unwanted horses and now they want an incentive to breed more. BTW-in case you didn't know, they are pro slaughter…

According to USDA statistics, the Quarter Horse represents the highest breed count going to slaughter. In 2006, the AQHA brought 144,000 foals into the population. In 2007, over 135,000 foals were brought into the population. Every year, there are tens of thousands more QH foals born than the number of horses slaughtered. Every year, there are well over 100,000 more QHs brought into the population than the next highest breed count, Thoroughbreds.

When is the AQHA going to answer to this?

When is the AQHA going to start promoting responsible breeding?

Why does the AQHA spend hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting horse slaughter instead of establishing programs to educate and assist owners in need?

How many of the 5 Million registered Quarter Horses have been sent to slaughter?

The National Horse Protection League asked for slogans that convey your disgust with the AQHA. It’s titled Five Words to Stop Slaughter.

Here a few I’ve seen thus far.

Quarter Horses: Not Quarter Pounders
Another Quarter Horse Assassinated
Horse; It’s NOT for Dinner
Keep the Best; Slaughter the Rest (okay, that’s 6 words)
Quarter Horses Born for Slaughter
Quarter Horse Policies Part of the Problem, Not the Solution

Members of the AQHA need to put their foot down and demand that the AQHA stop breeding irresponsibly and tell them to stop supporting horse slaughter!!

Are you doing all you can to make this world a better place to live in?

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