Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Information on Wyeth the Pharmaceutical Company and what their doing to Horses (Mares and Foals)

There is news that I just found out about what is happening
with this issue with PMU horses. It appears that the American
Welfare Institute has reported that the company known as
Wyeth, a company that produces vaccinations and pills for
people of all ages, is doing the unthinkable. There is a
drug out there called "Premarin" which the majority of it's
ingredients is "PMU" Pregnant Mare Urine. There are
approximately 60 farms in the US and 450 farms in Canada
that are working with this company "Wyeth" to produce the
Pregnant Mare Urine. These mares are going through extreme
pain and are being bred strictly for their urine. After
the foal is born, they are sent to the slaughter houses at
the age of 2 to 5 Months old for their meat. Then, once
the mare can no longer be of any use to these farms in
breeding them, they are also sent off to the slaughter houses.
Now, I found out through AWI (Animal Welfare Institute) that
since there is no longer a high demand for this "Premarin" drug,
because it was causing death to women and also causing strokes.
The Wyeth company's are telling these farms to continue breeding
these mares so they can make money on sending the foals to
slaughter. I've been told that the Government can't do anything
about this Wyeth Company doing this because they are not
controlled by the government. So this Wyeth company is threatening
these PMU farms that if they don't keep producing foals, that they
will no longer do business with them. So once again, it's all
about the money and not the welfare of the Mares and foals.
Something needs to be done about this immediately! Now you can
see how important it is to end horse slaughter in the United
States and around the world. By ending the transportation of
our horses going to horse slaughter and making horse slaughter
permenantly illegal in the United States, it will stop a lot of
these type of issues with our horses and will start changing
things for the better in this country. Please Read the
"Unwanted Horse Myth" on my blog list. It will tell you how
closing down horse slaughter in the US has stopped abandoned and
neglected horses by a considerable percentage amount. It also
helped decrease horse left by a good percentage. So by horse
slaughter no longer being an easy outlet for horse owners and
these money making horse slaughter companies, then I truly believe
that horses will be able to be adopted by others from owners that
no longer want them or can care for them. They can also go to
these Horse Rescue farms who can also help adopt out horses.
Or, if they are ill or have any medical issues, there is the option
of humanely euthanizing them by a legal vet. Euthanasia is so much
more humane and not so horrifying as the process of horse slaughter.
These horses need to start being respected and loved, like God
intended them to be. Please read my Bible passage at the end
of this page at the bottom. This is why I can't give up the fight
for stopping horse slaughter and the cruel treatment to horses.
There are so many horse rescue farms out there that are able to
take or adopt out many horses that are unwanted, so please don't
fall for the myth of the unwanted horse. It's these slaughter
company's that are benefiting from that story only to make
money, they can care less about the horses or their welfare.

Please visit Habitat For Horses website at:
"" and click on "Join Campaigns" at the
top. Then click on "PMU", please read this story on what is
happening to the PMU Mares and their foals. Educating yourself
on this is crucial in putting an end to horse slaughter and the
horrifying treatment these mares are going through. Maybe this
story will give you the passion to fight for these horses like
it did me. The fight can be won if we use our voices and voice
our opinions to the right people, like our Congressmen and
Senators. Please make your voices heard! Speak for the horses
who can't speak for themselves.

Are you doing all you can to make this world a better place to live in?

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