Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Husband and His Thoughts On Horse Slaughter

For quite a while now I have been fighting to put an end to Horse Slaughter. I've been emailing every Senator I can think of. I've been on the phone speaking with many Congressmen and Senators pleading to them to co-sponsor the bill H.R.6598. And through it all, I didn't quite have the support from my husband, because he felt that there were more important things to fight for. You have to understand my husband, he is a fisherman and a deer hunter, but he has a love and respect for all animals. Up until today, he didn't know exactly how horses were slaughtered. He thought that they were slaughtered similar to cows, which he found out today that is not true. He now noticed how inhumane horse slaughter really is compared to cow slaughter houses. He found all this out by looking at the video I have published below on this blog. It takes a strong and loving person to view this video and finally see what's happening to these horses. He could have turned a blind eye and said, "I can't take looking at that kind of stuff." and then go on with his day not knowing exactly what happens to these horses. He probably would have continued to think that I should fight for something more important. But now that he has seen the slaughter video below, he totally supports what I'm doing. So if this blog only accomplishes one thing, and that is finally having my husband by myside in the fight, then it has accomplished enough to make my fight even stronger. To view the video below is not to upset anyone, it's only to inform people of what is really happening and how we should all fight to stop it. God didn't intend for his horses to be treated in such a cruel way. And he certainly didn't intend for us to eat them for food, you can read my blog below on "God's Wrath For His Horses". That will tell you just how strong God feels for his horses, and what price the human race will pay for mistreating them.

There was a time that my husband was skeptical if there even was a God. But when I asked him this, he started to transform his thinking, I asked him, "Would you rather go through life believing in God and having him in your life, and find out when you die there's nothing there. Or would you rather go through life not believing in God and find out when you die that the only place for you is hell?" I told him that he can feel however he wanted, but I'm taking the for sure route and I'm believing in God, and I'm going to try to follow his ways as much as I can. I truly believe that God wants his horses to stop being slaughtered, that is why I'm fighting so hard to stop it. It's also because I love horses and all animals with all my heart. I can't change how cruel this world is, but if I can touch one person's heart into fighting along with me, then I have accomplished something that no amount of money can buy. One by one, we can all make a change and make this world a better place for us to live in. And we can make this world a better place for our young children to live in when they become our age. These are just my thoughts for the day, I welcome anyone to make a comment and give me their thoughts, it's nice to hear from others out there.

Are you doing all you can to make this world a better place to live in?

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