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March 2, 2010

Urge your Illinois Representative to vote NO on HB 4812
A bill to reopen cruel horse slaughter plants in IL

Dear Illinois Humanitarian,

Urgent calls are needed to protect equine welfare in the state of Illinois. Please contact your State House Representatives to help preserve the 2007 Illinois ban on horse slaughter which ultimately resulted in the closure of the last remaining horse slaughter plant in the United States.

To no surprise, the Illinois State House Committee on Agriculture and Conservation passed HB 4812, a bill to reopen cruel horse slaughter plants in the state. State Rep. Jim Sacia, introduced the bill to repeal the state ban, paving the way for horse slaughter to reappear in Illinois. As has been discussed and voted on many times before, the slaughter process subjects horses to extreme cruelty and an inhumane death. Supporters on both sides of the issue agree that we have a nationwide crisis right now, and something must be done to save these majestic beings from cruelty. We disagree, however, on how to handle the problem. The Animal Welfare Institute does not believe subjecting horses to the trauma of slaughter by captive bolt or being stabbed in the neck by puntilla knife is the answer.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn reiterated his desire to protect the welfare of animals this weekend, “As long as I am governor, we're never going to pass any kind of legislation that allows cruelty toward animals, whether it be dogs, cats or any other living things.”

We are confident Illinois House and Senate representatives are strongly opposed to HB4812, and will vote NO on the bill. However, Representative Sacia has begun to employ a new tactic to garner support for the bill. Claims that the bill has no chance of passing and a vote in favor of the bill as a political nod to Rep. Sacia have started to swirl around the State Capitol. Representatives must not play political games with this bill, which holds the lives of about 100,000 horses annually. It is critical that you urge your representative to vote NO on HB 4812.

Also, please reiterate the fact that Illinois horse rescues will not accept any money as once offered by Rep. Sacia, in an attempt to appease the animal welfare community. Illinois horse rescues submitted a letter to the State House denouncing the acceptance of monies collected from slaughtering horses. Ask that your Representative to record a NO vote on the bill with or without amendments.

It is unfortunate that the Illinois General Assembly and individuals from Illinois and around the country must continue dealing with this issue year after year, but we must remain vigilant against any and all attempts to overturn the 2007 ban on horse slaughter. It is a shame that our limited resources must be used to repeatedly engage in this fight, rather than expend the resources further protecting horses.


The Illinois House will bring take up HB 4812 at any time now. The exact date is not yet set but may appear soon. Please contact your Representatives today to register your opposition to this inhumane bill. To find House member contact information, visit or see below.

For your convenience, below is a list of talking points to aid in placing calls and drafting emails. Again, please take action for the horses today. They are counting on us!

Talking Points:Please apologize for having to call your representative on this issue yet again. The Illinois General Assembly resolved this issue back in 2007, but Rep. Sacia continues to take up everybody’s time with this unpopular bill. No matter what is said, please vote NO on HB 4812. Soundly defeating this bill (once again) will send a message across Illinois and the U.S. that horse slaughter and efforts to promote it are not acceptable. Strongly oppose HB 4812 and any amendments because horse slaughter is a cruel and unnecessary practice. The Illinois General Assembly banned horse slaughter by an overwhelming majority in 2007, and Rep. Sacia’s bill, HB 4812, must be rejected. There is no evidence to support Rep. Sacia’s claims that the slaughterhouse closure has led to an increase in horse abandonment or abuse. Horse slaughter itself is abuse because of the way in which horses react to the stress of slaughter plants and the multiple hits required to immobilize a horse. Ending horse slaughter stopped an overt form of animal cruelty and has only been good for the horses. The state ban is important. The animal welfare community, equine rescues and the majority of Illinois residents DO NOT support the overturning of this ban no matter what Rep. Sacia may claim.

If Rep. Sacia actually cared about the welfare of horses he would support the federal ban on horse slaughter which would stop the export of horses from the U.S. Please ask your representative to urge Rep. Sacia to discontinue his attempts to overturn the horse slaughter bill. Your representative should also urge Rep. Sacia to support the federal bill, Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act (H.R. 503/S.727), in order to truly advance the welfare of equines in Illinois if he is truly concerned with the welfare of our horses. H.R. 503/S.727 ensures horses from Illinois and all over the U.S. will no longer be hauled to Canada or Mexico for slaughter.

Please share this "Dear Humanitarian" eAlert with all family, friends, colleagues and fellow horse enthusiasts! Also, please take a minute to visit AWI’s Compassion Index at www.awionline. org/takeaction and take action on the federal Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act (H.R. 503/S. 727). For more information on horse slaughter, you may visit www.awionline. org.Thank you for all you do on behalf of the horses!

Chris Heyde
Deputy Director
Government and Legal Affairs
Animal Welfare Institute
House Member D/R Phone # Email

Edward J. Acevedo D (217) 782-2855 eacevedoed@ilga. gov

Luis Arroyo D (217) 782-0480 repdistrict2@

Suzanne Bassl R (217) 782-8026

Mark H. Beaubien R (217) 782-1517 strepmbeaubien@

Daniel V. Beiser D (217) 782-5996 dvbeiser@sbcglobal. net

Patricia R. Bellock R (217) 782-1448 rep@rbellock. com

Maria Antonia Berrios D (217) 782-1032 repberrios39gmail. com

Bob Biggins R (217) 782-6578 bobbiggins@comcast. net

William B. Black R (217) 782-4811 wbblack@sbcglobal. net

Mike Boland D (217) 782-3992 ilrepmikeboland@

Mike Bost R (217) 782-0387 rep.bost@hotmail. com

John E. Bradley D (217) 782-1051 repjohnbradley@ mychoice. net

Dan Brady R (217) 782-1118 dan@rep-danbrady. com

Rich Brauer R (217) 782-0053 brauerri@ilga. gov

Daniel J. Burke D (217) 782-1117 burkedj@ilga. gov

William D. Burns D (217) 782-2023 repwillburns@

John D. Cavaletto R (217) 782-0066 john@joncavaletto. com

Linda Chapa LaVia D (217) 558-1002 chapa-laviali@

Franco Coladipietro R (217) 782-8158 franco@il45. com

Sandy Cole R (217) 782-7320 representativesandy cole@comcast. net

Annazette Collins D (217) 782-8077 collinsar@ilga. gov

Marlow H. Colvin D (217) 782-8272 repcolvin@sbcglobal .net

Michael G. Connelly R (217) 782-8028 Repconnelly48@

Elizabeth Coulson R (217) 782-4194 Coulson@ilga. gov

Fred Crespo D (217) 782-0347 fred@fredcrespo. com

Tom Cross R (217) 782-1331 tom@tomcross. com

Barbara Flynn Currie R (217) 782-8121 repcurrie@sbcglobal .net

Shane Cultra R (217) 558-1039 shanecultra105@

John D'Amico D (217) 782-8198

Monique D. Davis D (217) 782-0010 davismd@ilga. gov

William Davis D (217) 782-8197 williamd.hds. us

Anthony DeLuca D (217) 782-1719 repdeluca@sbcglobal .net

Lisa M. Dugan D (217) 782-5981 lisadugan@sbcglobal .net

Kenneth Dunkin D (217) 782-4535 kendunkin@msn. com

Jim Durkin R (217) 782-0494

Roger L. Eddy R (217) 558-1040 reddyunit1@aol. com

Keith Farnham D (217) 782-8020 krfarnham@gmail. com

Sara Feigenholtz D (217) 782-8062 feigenholtz@

Robert F. Flider D (217) 782-8398 bobflider@repflider .com

Mary E. Flowers D (217) 782-4207 flowersme@ilga. gov

LaShawn K. Ford D (217) 782-5962

Mike Fortner R (217) 782-1653 mike.fortner@ sbcglobal. net

Jack D. Franks D (217) 782-1717 jack@jackfranks. org

John A Fritchey D (217) 782-2458 mystaterep@aol. com

Paul D. Froehlich D (217) 782-3725 statereppaul@ sbcglobal. net

Esther Golar D (217) 782-5971 esthergolar@ sbcglobal. net

Careen M. Gordon D (217) 782-5997 staterepgordon@ sbcglobal. net

Jehan A. Gordon D (217) 782-3186 repjehangordon@

Deborah L. Graham D (217) 782-6400 st.rep.graham@ sbcglobal. net

Julie Hamos D (217) 782-8052 julie@staterephamos .org

Betsy Hannig D (217) 782-8071 betsyh@ilga. gov

Greg Harris D (217) 782-3835 greg@gregharris. org

Kay Hatcher R (217) 782-1486 vote4kay@att. net

Elizabeth Hernandez D (217) 782-8173 repehernandez@

Jay C. Hoffman D (217) 782-8018 hoffman@legis. us

Thomas Holdbrook D (217) 782-0104 NA

Constance A. Howard D (217) 782- 6476 howardca@ilga. gov

Eddie Lee Jackson, Sr. D (217) 782-5951 NA

Naomi D. Jakobsson D (217) 558-1009 naomi@naomijakobsso

Charles E. Jefferson D (217) 782-3167 staterepchuck67@

Kevin Joyce D (217) 782-8200 kjoyce@hds.ilga. gov

Renee Kosel R (217) 782-0424 rkosel@ilga. gov

Lou Lang D (217) 782-8400 reploulang@aol. com

Michael J. Madigan D (217) 782-5350 mmadigan@hds.

Sidney H. Mathias R (217) 782-1664 repmathias@hotmail. com

Frank J. Mautino D (217) 782-0140 patti76th@ivnet. com

Karen May D (217) 782-0902 karen@repkarenmay. org

Emily McAsey D (217) 782-4179 repEmily@gmail. com

Michael P. McAuliffe R (217) 782- 8182 macauliffe20@

Kevin A. McCarthy D (217) 782-3316 kevmac37@sbcglobal. net

Jack McGuire D (217) 782-8090 jmcguire86@sbcgloba

Deborah Mell D (217) 782-8117 deborahm@ilga. gov

Susana A. Mendoza D (217) 782-7752 staterepmendoza@

David E. Miller D (217) 782- 8087 repdavidmiller@ sbcglobal. net

Bill Mitchell R (217) 782-8163 repmitchell@ earthlink. net

Jerry L. Mitchell R (217) 782-0535 repjmitchell@

Donald L. Moffitt R (217) 782-8032 moffitt@grics. net

Rosemary Mulligan R (217) 782-8007 repmulligan@

Richard P. Myers R (217) 782-0416 repmyers@macomb. com

Elaine Nekritz D (217) 558-1004 enekritz@repnekritz .org

JoAnn D. Osmond R (217) 782-8151 osmondjoann@

Harry Osterman D (217) 782-8088

Brandon W. Phelps D (217) 782-5131 bphelps@yourclearwa

Sandra M. Pihos R (217) 782-8037 sandrapihos42@

Raymond Poe R (217) 782-0044

Robert W. Pritchard R (217) 782-0425 bob@pritchardstater

Randy Ramey, Jr. R (217) 558-1037 staterepramey55@

Dennis M. Reboletti R (217) 782-4014 dennisreboletti@ sbcglobal. net

Davis Reis R (217) 782-1018 repreitz@egyptian. net

Al Riley D (217) 558-1007 rep.riley38@ sbcglobal. net

Robert Rita D (217) 558-1000 robertbobrita@

Chapin Rose R (217) 558-1006 chapin@chapinrose. net

Jim Sacia R (217) 782-8186 JimSacia@aeroinc. net

Angelo Saviano R (217) 782-3374 skip@saviano. com

Timothy L. Schmitz R (217) 782-5457 info@timschmitz. org

Darlene J. Senger R (217) 782-6507 sengerstaterep@

Carol A. Sente D (217) 782-0499 senteforstaterep@

Michael K. Smith D (217) 782-8152 repmikesmith@

Keith P. Sommer R (217) 782-0221 sommer@mtco. com

Cynthia Soto D (217) 782-0150

Ron Stephens R (217) 782-6401 ron@repstephens. com

Ed Sullivan, Jr. R (217) 782-3696 ILhouse51@sbcglobal .net

Andre M. Thapedi D (217) 782-1702 rep32district@

Jill Tracy R (217) 782-8096 jilltracy@jilltracy .com

Michael W. Tryon R (217) 782-0432 Mike@miketryon. com

Arthur L. Turner D (217) 782-8116 gene@turnerforillin

Patrick J. Verschoore D (217) 782-5970 pverschoore@ legis.state.

Ronald A. Wait R (217) 782-0548 repwait777@aol. com

Mark L. Walker D (217) 782-3739 repmarkwalker@

Eddie Washington D (217) 558-1012 washington60th@

Jim Watson R (217) 782-1840 jimwatson@localnetc

Dave Winters R (217) 782-0455 repwinters@aol. com

Karen A. Yarbrough D (217) 782-8120 kyarbrough@ilga. gov

Michael J. Zalewski D (217) 782-5280 michaelz@ilga. gov

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