Thursday, February 5, 2009


I was just informed from a reliable source of mine that Kansas, North Dakota, and Arkansas legislatures are trying to open "horse processing" plants in their state.

I'm urging the people who live in these 3 states to call their Congressmen and Senators and express to them that this is not what you want. Tell them that you don't want horse slaughter to exist in your state, and that you want them to support bill H.R.503, that is pending in the Committee as we speak.

Please, there is no time to waiste, it only takes a couple minutes of your time to call these Representatives. It would mean so much to all the horses. We are really close to ending horse slaughter here in the U.S.A. and our horses will be safe from being transported out of our Country for slaughter. So please, I'm begging you, please don't give up the fight. Don't fall into the lies of the Pro-slaughter industry that slaughter is a necessary evil, because it's not. If you saw how horse slaughter employees and truck drivers abuse and mistreat horses, you would see that they are worse than any private owner out there that may be mistreating their horse. There are many more horses being starved, abused and neglected on feedlots and in double decker trailers than any horse in the US that have private owners. There is no such thing as a unwanted horse, and if we change the fact that there is too much over-breeding and put stipulations on these types of things, we could end this problem we are having. But horse slaughter is not the answer! So please call your state Representatives today! Before it's to late.........thank you for all your support and care for our horses.

Are you doing all you can to make this world a better place to live in?


Anonymous said...

To all you peta talking liberals you should shut your mouth. For your dumbass to try and put someone out of business because you don't agree with her point, you should be shot for that. I agree with her point and i'm talking about the cranberry farm women that you so distinctly bashed. I agree they should be open. I thank it helps out everything. I have been having my arguements with you with you fanatics and you don't understand anything. You think it's inhumane well what are you gonna do with all they horses that went there. Hm... Don't tell me your gonna make it the owners responsibility. You've already tried that it isn't working. It's people like you that support a bill that cause more harm to horses in the long run. There being starved because people can't get rid of them any where. I am personally blaming you. You only see what you want to. It's people like you why this country is in the state that it is. You can have all the fasination you want to with them but it's no going to change anything. There livestock nothing more. You should stop deceiving your fellow American with lies. They should bring back the firing squad for people like you. Well have a nice day and I hope a horse kicks you right between the eyes.

Luv4Horses (Lisa) said...

Here is a good example of another illiterate person who doesn't know anything about what they are talking about. You are definitely a coward, leaving an anonymous message. Well Mr./Mrs. Anonymous, you don't know one thing about horse slaughter or how to come up with a way to stop over-breeding. Well I have, and I will be taking it to Congress! So if you think that horse slaugther is humane, think again. Why do you think that the majority of American's are against it. As far as Cranberry Run Farm, Tracy calls the horses she breeds a piece of trash, she shouldn't even be breeding horses, especially since she views horses as trash. As far as I'm concerned and many others, she is nothing but trash. There are many popular people in the horse race industry that is disgusted with her and are trying to shut her down as we speak. You won't be able to leave a comment on this blog again as Anonymous, you will have to stop being a coward and own up to your name. Oh, and now I will be able to view your comment before it makes it on my blog. This is a blog for horse lovers and people trying to put a stop to horse slaughter, not for people like yourself. Do some research before you go and spew your mouth off! This is my last response to you, for you are not worth waisting my breath!!! See ya later!! And I hope God sends you in a place that you so much deserve when it's your time to leave this earth! I'm sure it will be very hot where you are going. I'm glad I won't be there when the time comes, I will be with the good ones. :)